One of the activities of the company "Euro Construction of the" d.about.about. makes the area of engineering.

Civil engineering is actually the construction of roads, roads, modern autoputova, construction of bridges, tunnels and the like.
The company "Euro Construction of the" d.about.about. successfully is to build access roads, trailers roads, roads inside the settlements, and bridges. What also we have jobs on the outside of the regulation within the settlements of the residential and business complex that we built. At the same time with landscaping done various prokopi under railroad tracks, roads and laying pipelines for drinking squad, oborinske water and sewerage network.


One of the main activities of the company "Euro Izgradnja d.o.o. Kiseljak is building construction.

Building construction, by its definition, is the construction of facilities that are above the surface of the earth (home, residential facilities, buildings and facilities for the economic activity.
Rightfully, we can say that we are in the field of building construction is a leading company in our environment. Behind us are the numerous built residential and commercial complexes and facilities for the economy. Also within the field of building more than successfully manage the business and affairs and crafts construction works, electrical installations, hydro installations and mechanical installation, dry construction and finishing works in construction in which are molersko farbarski and facade works.


Area hydro construction in our total business is one of the main directions of our work and development.

The definition of hydro construction is actually the construction and maintenance vodoprivrednih facilities including the construction of hydroelectric dams, mini hydro power plants and hydro power plants.
Due to the extremely professional and fully staff our team has successfully completed the project of construction of mini hydro power plants and another project in progress. So our expertise and professionalism recognized by our investors who back their trust.


Finishing works in the construction industry are of great importance for the overall functional and visual appearance of each novoizgrađenog object.

Just these works actually breathe the soul of every constructively built facility. Just through these works, each stamben and unit, object, or the house gets its true face. Masonry works in construction actually consists of:

  • Masonry works
  • Dry construction – installation of rigips system
  • Mechanical installation including installation of heating, water, drain, and sewer and installation of internal and external joinery
  • Electro installations
  • Ceramic works
  • Molersko farbarski and decorative works
  • Facade works including installation termičkih facade and preparation of commercial facades


Just through these works actually get the "total impression" of any new building.